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PSG hope to bring Moise Kean in the second round this summer.

Paris Saint-Germain Show interest in bringing Moise Kean. The Italian national team striker back to the team again. After seeing the possibility this summer.

Moise Kean has return to Juventus on a two-year loan from Everton that expires at the end of the 2022-23 season. And includes a €28m purchase option plus €3m in bonuses. However, from the current situation that. Keane did not get a chance from Massimiliano Allegri. Especially following Dusan Vlajovic’s new move.

Juventus and the 22-year-old forward desire to end the current situation. Italian newspaper Calciomercato reports that Juventus are looking for a way out. But it’s not easy. UFABET Because the first year’s loan agreement pays Everton 3 million euros, plus another 4 million euros in the second year. It’s a number that can’t be avoided. So PSG may be the middleman to solve every situation. Keane was loaned to PSG from Everton in the 2020-21 season. Although in and out of the starting XI. The Italy international has scored 13 goals in 26 Ligue 1 games.

Moise Kean start playing football at the Italian national team for the first time in 2015. Youth Under 15 , 2015 Youth U16. 2015-2017, Youth U17 , 2017- 2018, youth version under 19 years old. 2018, youth version under 20 years old , 2018, youth version under 21 years old. Later in 2018 was chose to be in the Italian national team for the first time in 2018.

Moise Kean made his debut in professional youth football in 2007 with Asti, from 2004 to 2010 at the Italian youth club Torino. Three years later he played for Juventus from 2010-2016, then six years later promoted to Juventus. The famous Italian club in 2016-2019, then in 2017-2019 moved to play in a loan contract for Verona. for only a year Before moving across the league to football for the club Everton. Famous clubs in the English League in 2019