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Juventus grabbed Serge Gnabry this summer.

Juventus are reportedly eyeing a deal for Bayern Munich winger Serge Gnabry this summer. The 26-year-old winger is having an excellent season with the Tigers, contributing 14 goals and seven assists in both the Bundesliga. and the Champions League His contract expires in 2023 and he may be ready to leave this summer.

According to a report from Goal’s website. Zebra wants to loan Serge Gnabry UFABET this summer. This may include a forced buy option in the contract.

Still, Juve will face big European clubs such as Liverpool and Real Madrid, so the Bianconeri may have to make a great offer if they want Gnabry in the summer.

Bayern are also keen to bring Gnabry a new contract, but things have not turned positive. By now, the 26-year-old star seems to have the idea of ​​moving the team over.

    Serge Gnabry start playing at a professional youth club in 1999-200 with TSV Weissach. Later in 2000-2001 played with youth club TSF Ditzingen. 2001-2003 moved to the team. GSV Hemmingen. 2003-2005 with SpVgg Feuerbach 2005-2006 Stuttgarter KickersLater, 2006-2011, moved to play for the club FFB Stuttgart by staying with the team for 5 years.

Then in 2011-2012 moved to play in England with Arsenal FC. After just one year at youth level, he was promoted to professional club with Arsenal for four years, during which he was loaned to West Brom. Albion in 2015-2016 shortly thereafter moved back to the Bundesliga with team Werder Bremen in 2016-2017 before joining the football team. Bayern Munich in 2017 during which he was loaned to Hoffenheim, currently with the team. Bayern Munich in the top league is German Bundesliga