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Newcastle United buys 42 million pounds of Bruno Guimaraes.

Newcastle United have reach an agreement to buy midfielder Bruno Guimaraes from Lyon. Next up is for the representatives to oversee a medical examination of the Brazilian star. During his national football team for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers coming soon.

According to ARMSE Sport after a long haul. The two sides finally agree a price of 42 million pounds ( about 50.5 million euros ). Divide into 35.4 million pounds ( about 42.5 million euros ) . Another 6.6 million pounds ( about 8 million euros ).  are performance-based options number of games played and top-flight survival.  

At this time. Bruno Guimaraes who is currently in the ‘Celeçao’ squad will undergo a medical. As soon as he returns from Ecuador to Belo Horizonte , Brazil on Friday  to bring the results to the National Guard. Tyneside prepares to file a complete UFABET transfer. Before the deadline of 31 January. Contract signed until June 2026 . 

It is also a new face in Salikadong ‘s escape mission following right-back Kieran Trippier and forward Christian Wood .  

The ‘ OL ‘ side is considered quite prepare. Because it grab Romain Favre from Brest to wait as a representative in advance.  

For the 21-year-old striker is in hot form with 16 goals in 27 games play. David’s style of play He is a striker who is diligent in chasing the top pleasing field. And finished the score resolutely. Although there is a weakness in the ball in the air. But it matches the style of play of the artillery team.

Gilmares is Newcastle’s third player. During the January trading market. The team previously had England right- back Kieran Trippier from Atletico Madrid and giant striker Chris Wood from Burnley.