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Caring for wounds to heal quickly by yourself.

People with wounds may Choose to use topical ointment that contains a mixture of chlorhexidine. Which will help kill bacteria in the wound and pro-vitamin D5 (Dexpanthenol). Which helps strengthen the skin’s natural healing mechanisms. As a result, skin wounds heal faster than before. These two ingredients usually do not sting the wound body. Therefore, it may be the right choice for Guest users and children. 

In addition, while the body is wounded We may need to add more protein, calories and various nutrients to the body. To help repair wounds to heal normally by increasing the intake of whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fruits, meat or dairy products in each meal. In order to get complete nutrition. UFABET

Although scratches, abrasions, or small cuts often heal on their own, mechanically. But it’s still important to keep the wound clean to help reduce infection. Including avoiding wounds as little as possible. However, if the above instructions are followed and there are still more severe symptoms. Such as wide open wounds, bleeding does not stop or wound infection should see a doctor in order to continue receiving appropriate treatment.

Wound formation is always a risk of infection. When changing bandages or gauze, watch for signs of infection. Such as swelling and redness. inflammation feeling of heat in the wound when touched. The wound smells, fever, or shivering, etc. If such symptoms occur, you should see a doctor.