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Pep admits he regrets losing to Arsenal in the summer transfer battle.

Pep admits he regrets losing to Arsenal in the summer transfer battle.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola admits he still regrets losing to Arsenal in the battle for Declan Rice this summer. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, admits he still regrets losing to Arsenal in the battle for England midfielder Declan Rice. For last summer’s market, and now the 24-year-old midfielder is doing outstanding work with the Gunners.

In playing with West Ham United, Rice made a record of playing 50 matches per year for 2 seasons in a row, after joining the first team in 2017, the most important being the season before which led the team to become the UEFA Euro champion. Conference League, which is the club’s first European championship in 58 years.

The result is that in this latest summer market, Manchester City and Arsenal have a fun bidding competition. Before it ended with Arsenal’s victory at 100+5 million pounds, it was the record for the most expensive fee for an English footballer. and the highest record in the history of the big guns

Pep said before leading the team to meet Arsenal on Sunday that “Of course everyone knows City want him (Rice). Yes, we need him. He can play on our team. Not just coming to represent Rodri when Rodri isn’t ready to play.”

“In the end, Arsenal were more committed to this deal. and wants him more. Maybe Arteta has more confidence in him than I feel. Or it’s the club itself. or the same as the numbers in the offer”

As for Rice, he has played 10 matches for Arsenal in all competitions this season. and has already scored 1 goal