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Brighton 2-2 Liverpool: Collected after the Premier League game

Brighton 2-2 Liverpool: Collected after the Premier League game, the Reds draw with the Seagulls to share points before the international break.

Mo Salah scored two goals but it was not enough to help Liverpool snatch 3 points from Brighton at the Amex Stadium tonight. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

It’s a game full of glitches.

In this game, each side tried to force the game from the top side against each other, making setting the ball from in front of the goal full of difficulty. All 4 goals in this game were made by taking advantage of mistakes in the defensive game. Both Van Dijk’s miss pass and the ball cut off to shoot to lure the target, Including Liverpool’s two goals that came from Lewis Dunk’s missed pass as well as the missed ball release by Van Dijk. Verbrucken and was cut until. It was the source of the penalty. In addition, the home team’s 2-2 equalizer goal came from a free kick that the visiting team’s defenders were holding back until no one approached the ball and Lewis Dunk was charging at it.

Both sides couldn’t close the game.

In addition to the 4 goals that happened in this game. If anyone watches the game live, it can seen that both teams have the opportunity to score more goals on both sides, especially in the second half. When the game is quite open. Brighton has a chance from Simon Edingra’s solo move. But He shot back and was save by Alisson. While Liverpool also had many chances, both from Luis Diaz’s missed shot and what was most disappointing was Ryan’s close charge. Raven Birch, whose shot hit the crossbar, looked dead. Because if that shot goes in, the Reds will take a 1-3 lead immediately. That means a chance to collect 3 bright points and not get tire at the end of the game like. This and still only get 1 point.

The Reds’ defensive game needs an overhaul.

One thing that is clearly evident in this game. That is Liverpool’s weak point is the defense that has problems. When they are put under heavy pressure by the speed and agility of the home offensive line throughout the game. Because in addition to the defense that is often slower to the point of having to make cuts. games often. But the offensive game that had to be built up from the ground. When it was quickly hijacked, it always made mistakes. Plus, this isn’t the first game where we’ve seen this kind of weakness. Of course, this is homework that they must hurry and fix during the January market opening. Because looking at the situation, if we still push forward, we will continue to push this backline to meet big teams that are more resolute than this. Perhaps the condition is many times more serious than this.

Both are still at the top of the table.

1 point for both teams in the game, causing both teams to miss the opportunity to score points and chase the top of the table. Liverpool finished the game with 17 points from 8 games, ranking 4th, 3 points behind Spurs, the leader, while Brighton are not too far away. Holding 6th place with 16 points, with the next game. After the national team break a week, both sides interest. The Reds will be able to return to play at home and do battle. Merseyside Garby Welcoming Everton’s visit while Brighton meets a strong team like Manchester City, who have just lost 2 league matches in a row at this time.