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Ince saids Pogba should leave The club if he doesn’t extending his contract

Ince: Pogba should leave Manchester United if he doesn’t consider extending his contract. Paul Ince , former central fierce breed of Manchester United debut advises Paul Pogba should now also wants a new contract with the team. Or hurry up and move out to get the big money into the club.

Ince saids Pogba should leave club

“With only 12 months left and Paul Pogba is still not considering a new contract with Manchester United, I don’t know what he is thinking. But this isn’t right,” Inzi told Paddy Power.

“If he really wants to stay at Manchester United. The club should make an offer of five years and the salary will be agreed upon. So we don’t have to worry every summer that he wants to join this club based on rumours.

“Usually if a footballer is determined to stay and play for the same team. They will definitely come out and make promises to the fans, both in terms of contract renewals and public speaking.”

“The fans, including everyone associated with the club, want to see Pogba give the team a world-class performance like they did at Euro 2020, but if you really don’t want to stay, just say it and move on. Going out at a huge price, Solskjaer will be able to buy someone else to strengthen the army.”