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Hamann praises Sancho for raising teammates

Hamann praises Sancho for raising teammates. Dietmar Hamann, former German national team midfielder Confident with the potential of Jadon Sancho. The new Manchester United attacker will help enhance the playing of his teammates.

         The England international has officially made his move to the Red Devils after fans have been waiting for a long time, with Hamann saying he admires Sancho very much and is confident that with his potential it can help. Let your teammates do well as well.

         “This will be an important season for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and also Manchester United and I expect Jadon Sancho to be a star at Old Trafford,” Hamann said. Said through Racing Post.

         “I rarely see a winger who easily beats an opponent. He bows his head and just walks past the defender, Sancho can motivate Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba at United as well.

         “After watching him play in the Bundesliga He made others better too. Create chances and pull defenders out of position. And we only saw a glimpse of England’s quarter-final victory against Ukraine at Euro 2020.”

         “I am surprised that he rarely participates in tournaments. He would be the first choice if I were the manager.”

         “In my view, Sancho is not only England’s best winger. He is the best winger in the world and United fans should be very excited about his return to Manchester.”