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Carlos reveals how he felt about Shawberto Carlos

Carlos reveals how he felt about Shawberto Carlos. Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos has revealed how he feels about Luke Shaw after fans nicknamed the Manchester United & England international.

“You can see that Shaw is a very motivated footballer,” the Speed9 defender told PA.

“Over the years, he has developed a huge leap in quality. Especially the last game that hit Ukraine, I was very impressed, everything was perfect. And of course he is one of the most important players in England at the moment.”

“What I love about Shaw is that he will get better and better with every game and if that special can be kept. However, he reached the top of the industry without a doubt. Because it is currently number one for England.”

“Usually I don’t really like how players are compared. Each of us is different and unique, and Shaw and I play football from different eras. I have my period He has his moments.”