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British football fans polled, 75 % are ready to rejoin the stadium

British football fans polled 75% are ready to rejoin the stadium for the upcoming 2021/22 season.

         Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government plans to carpet a full-scale coronavirus vaccine for Night. Clubs and other crowded places gather by the end of September. 

         A survey of nearly 5,000 football fans revisiting a game found that 74.8% were eager to return to the game immediately. Meanwhile, 46.9 percent would be more or less comfortable if proof of vaccination or a negative test result was required before attending the game.

         However, 22 percent of the survey had concerns about passports. Vaccines and they will not return to the game as soon as the stadium opens.

         The Premier League and EFL consider compliance with the government’s COVID-19 endorsement. It expressed public support for a review of the project in April.

         However, 38.7 per cent of fans intend to return to the game next season. But they disliked having to wear a mask all the time, while 30.6 percent were ready to follow orders.

         Meanwhile, half of the fans (50.3%) said they would like to see things handled safely before returning, with four in 10 of the group saying they would wait to see the numbers drop before returning. come

         23.8 percent said they would like to see more vaccinations before deciding to return to the game.